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Lawyer is not only representing the clients s interests, but merely is his trusted adviser. Most often we use the lawyer just before a possible litigation, in a such moment when time and resources are not by client side. I believe that a good advice prior to taking a decision really deserves to pay a decent fee, as a guarantee to prevent the appearance of problems later.


Mediation is a form of private justice. But at the same time, is a form of voluntary justice. If the parties even want to meet and talk face to face, an amicable way of settlement dispute occurred between them will appear as a premise. The parties agreement is the result of their common and free will, so that they will want to voluntarily comply.


As a translator, I always put me in the position of one who reads the translated document. Was it distorted the real meaning of exposure? How accurate was the meaning of words in context matching document? Abbreviations have been understood well? The legal consequences are the same as those produced by the translation of the document source? Practical experience has shown me that the positioning of a word in a phrase can mean tens of thousands of euros! It was a commercial contract, but my legal expertise saved me!

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